FCBC For Competitors By Competitors

Striving to organize, host, and judge the best stereo competition parties for every competitor whether they win or lose, and to offer everyone from competitors and supporters to manufacturers and retailers, the best value and most fun for their time and money.



 E² Audio's FCBC, For Competitors By Competitors, has been created and organized for the benefit of hardcore car audio competitors.  This is not the normal organization, THIS IS HARDCORE!  With 25 years experience as competitors and 17 years hosting and judging the largest car audio competitions in Kentucky, FCBC has been organized with extensive judging experience and a unique understanding of competitor’s wants and needs.

    If your system is only a burp box and not a true street bass system then it will not be able to handle E² Audio’s FCBC Divisions.  E² Audio’s FCBC Divisions are a true test of durability, integrity, and even more fun to compete in and watch.

    This new style of competition parties will have you wanting more and more shows just to hang out with friends and watch real bass beaters go head to head.  This is all about fun, making new friends, and hanging out with old friends. 

    First time competitors that enter one of E² Audio’s FCBC events you become a member with your paid entry fee.  This membership will be good for 1 year from the date you enter your first FCBC show.  This is E² Audio’s way of letting you try FCBC for an entire year to see if FCBC is right for you, and this free 1 year membership will allow you time to prepare your system after watching a few events. 
    All awards will be provided by E² Audio LLC, Awards and More for every FCBC Event.  Ribbon awards will not be used at any FCBC events as Division awards!!!

    E² Audio LLC was formed by Ed and Minde Ramos of Elizabethtown, Kentucky in 2004.  After joining the 3X Certified MECA Judge Team at The Carl Casper Custom Auto Show in that same year, E² Audio began hosting & judging MECA events in Kentucky and surrounding states, quickly making their presence known in the MECA community.  The E² Audio  Judge Team has been a part of judging car audio competitions in Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, Florida, and the US Virgin Islands.  The E² Audio Judge Team has been MECA’s longest reigning Judge Team Of The Year, being voted for 5 consecutive years from 2004 – 2008. E² Audio also received MECA’s 2007 Venue of the Year for events hosted at Freeman Lake Park in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. 

     Ed & Minde are also avid competitors, both holding MECA World Titles and they received MECA's Loudest Spouses Award in 2007.  Ed won the first MECA World Title in 2006 in ModEx Reality 1, and he is also the team captain for MECA’s Team Lanzar. In 2008, Minde won the second MECA World Title in Drive-by 1, making her the first female Drive-by World Champion in MECA’s 10 year history.  Both Ed and Minde also have several MECA Kentucky State titles during the years of 2006 – 2009.  

    In 2007, Ed & Minde organized Team HBIC, MECA’s first all female competition team.  Their first year out in 2008, Team HBIC held 3 MECA World Titles, 12 State Titles, 4 National Point Champions, and 2 Grand National Point Champions.  Team HBIC created and sponsors MECA’s first Female Best of Show Award, an award given to the most outstanding female competing at an event.