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Updated: 12-27-15   


The 2016 Guidelines are ready for the dinner. 

We have changed a few things and added a few new things for 2016 season.

Date of the dinner coming soon!!!

Check out the awards for FCBC's Finals!

2015 Division Point Champions click below

Mod and Standard Top 5 Point Champions

Trunk Top 5 Point Champions

FCBC's Top Scores and Competitors


Loudest Avg Score ever in FCBC
db Score 158.03
Competitor Chris Vincent
Date 9-28-13
  Loudest Avg Score ever in FCBC by a Female
db Score 154.03
Competitor Christina Cook
Date 6-7-15

Mic Placements 15 Sec Avg Floor   30 Sec Avg Window 45 Sec Avg Seat  30 Sec Avg Outside   30 Sec Avg X-tremist Port
 db Score  159.50  157.90  156.50 155.02  163.1
 Competitor  Chris Vincent  Chris Vincent  Chris Vincent Chris Vincent  Keith Hatfield
 Date 4-7-13  4-7-13 8-17-13   9-28-13 6-8-14 


These Competitors have competed in 5 or more shows to hold the record

 Loudest Single 12" Avg Loudest Single 15" Avg Loudest Single 18" Avg
 Haley Perkins 142.9db  Cy Sherrill  150.70db  Kyle French 149.1db


Loudest Avg Score each year with 3 or more shows

 Date Competitor   Avg db Score Year 
9-25-10 James Howard 155.60  2010
10-22-11 Josh Newton 155.97 2011
8-26-12 Chris Vincent  157.43 2012 
9-28-13 Chris Vincent 158.03 2013 
10-26-13 Chris Vincent 158.00 2014
9-19-15 Randall Ritchie 157.43




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"If enough people start to look and act ridiculous together, it starts to become normal!"

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Term-Lab is the official SPL
 meter of  E2 Audio and FCBC.

E2 Audio is now an approved Term-Lab retailer. 
If you need a Term-Lab meter, we will be able to help
 you out with your purchase.

Check out the meters and let us know. 

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E2 Audio Land

Over 50 acres in the middle of no where on a gravel road by an ATV Park!  This will be the location of FCBC's 1st Midnight SPL Party and bonfire.  More details are coming soon....

E2 Audio and FCBC always promotes a family fun environment, so bring the family out to watch the fun with you!  


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